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29 -30 September & 1st October 2024, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Delhi Jewellery & Gem Fair 2023 Exhibitor List

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Delhi Jewellery & Gem Fair 2023 Exhibitor List

Company Name Hall No. Stand No. Product Category Type City
A G Jewels Pvt Ltd 5 C34 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Jaipur
A K Exports 5 D66 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
A K Gems 4 L07 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Aakaar Gold 4 M28 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
AARYA 24KT INDIA PVT LTD 4 O30 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Aashi Jewels (Delhi) 3 Q24 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Accur8 Diamond Private Limited 3 V20 Diamond Gold Jewellery Surat
Acpl Jewels Pvt Ltd 3 V08A Gold Chain & Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
ACZET Pvt Ltd 5 C60 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
Ada Jewels 4 K30 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Jaipur
ADB Jewellery LLP 5 G32 Gold Jewellery Jaipur
Adinath Chain & Jewellery 5 A10 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Adinath Jewellers 2 Y01 Antique Watch Jewellery New Delhi
Aditya Gold 4 L26A Gold Jewellery Mathura
Advent Gold 5 E49 Gold Chain, Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Aggarwal Jewellery House 4 J26A Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Agkem Impex Pvt Ltd 5 G61 Gold Machinery New Delhi
Agrawal Jewellers 5 G36 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Akshar Impex Pvt Ltd 3 U16 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Akshay Gems 5 G52 Gold Jewellery Jaipur
Ambika Jewellers 5 F49 Diamond / Coloured Jewellery Mumbai
ANANT JEWELRY STUDIO 3 T23 Gold & Diamond Jewellery Surat
Anant Packaging 5 D60 Display & Packaging Machinery New Delhi
Ananta Diamond Jewels 4 Q27 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Ananta Jewels (Delhi & Mumbai) 5 I02 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Anjali Diamonds Pvt Ltd 3 S10 Fency, Coloured & White Diamond Jewellery Surat
ANTARIKSH CREATIONS 3 V23 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Aparna Diamonds 3 Q18 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Aqua Gold 5 I04A Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Arihant Diamond Institute 5 C49 Education Centre Jewellery Surat
Arihant Gold 5 I35 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Arihant Maxsell Technologies 5 G68 Equipment Machinery Machinery Chennai
Arina Gold LLP 4 O26 Diamond, Gold Jewellery Ahmedabad
Aritza Gold Private Limited 3 Q30 Gold Jewellery Chennai
Arya Gold 4 K04 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Arzish Goldcraft Pvt Ltd 4 K26 Antique, Moissanite, Synthetic Jewellery Jewellery Ahmedabad
Ashlyn Chemunnoor Instruments Private Limited 5 E68 Allied Machinery Thrissur
Ashvi Creation 2 Y151 Silver Jewellery Jaipur
ASV Polkis 3 O04B Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Audra Jewels Industry Pvt Ltd 5 A26 Gold Jewellery Mathura
Auspera India Pvt Ltd 2 Y137 Coin & Silver Jewellery Chennai
Avp Star Private Limited 3 U10 Diamond Jewellery Surat
B M Sultania and Sons 2 Y57 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
B P Payal 2 Y27 Gemstone Jewellery Mumbai
B R Jewellers 5 F29 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Meerut
Baba Jewellers Pvt Ltd 4 K02 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Baburam Jewellers Pvt Ltd 3 O08 Antique Jewellery Meerut
Bagga Jewellers 4 N17 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Meerut
Beera Jewellers 5 C10 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Bhairav Jewellers 2 Y110 Fashion, Enamelled Silver Jewellery Mumbai
Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds LLP 3 Q04 Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Surat
Bhansal Abhushan Bhandar 2 Y118 Silver Jewellery New Delhi
Bhatia & Company 4 L18 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Bhim Sain And Sons 5 D64 Allied Machinery New Delhi
Bijoux Argent Pvt Ltd 2 Y07 Gemstone Jewellery Mumbai
Bishwanath Chain Co. 5 E26A Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Brij Impex 5 I30 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Bsh 92 Jewellers 5 B38 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
C DINESH & CO 3 S27 White Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Celebration Diamond Private Limited 3 P04 Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Chain Foundation Of Agra 2 Y115 Gemstone Jewellery Agra
Chanchal Sons Jewellers 4 L14 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Amritsar
CHANDAN AGENCIES (MUMBAI) 2 Y168 Publication Machinery Mumbai
CHANDAN JEWELLERS 4 L30 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Chandana Exports House 5 C46 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Charu Chain & Jewels Pvt Ltd 5 G10 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Chhabra Agencies 5 F61 Tools & Equipment Machinery New Delhi
Ciarra Jewels 4 K22 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Classic Solitaires Pvt Ltd 5 D10A Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Creative Jewel 5 F36 Antique, Gold, Gold Chain Jewellery Mumbai
Creative Technologies 3 T10 Diamond & Gold Jewellery Surat
Cupid Daimonds Pvt Ltd 3 R33 Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
D M JEWELLERS 3 U17 Silver Jewellery Hapur
Dazzle Jewels 4 K01 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Dazzling Diamonds 5 G42 Diamond Jewellery Meerut
DB Sales 3 T19 White Diamond, Synthetic Semi Furnished Products Jewellery Surat
Deep Creation 5 F45 Gold, Nosepin Jewellery Mumbai
Deepak Gold 5 B35 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Dev Diam 5 H55 Diamond & Timepiece Jewellery Surat
Dev Labtech Venture Limited 3 U25 Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Surat
Dev Ornamensts LLP 5 I47 Antique, Gold, Silver Jewellery Thane
Dhanlaxmi Exports 3 V18 Gold Platinum Silver Jewellery Surat
Dharam Creation Pvt Ltd 3 R26 Diamond & Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Dhruv Gold 5 F35 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Diva Classic Jewels And Gems Pvt Ltd 5 D42 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Divine Jewels 2 Y72 Antique & Silver Jewellery Jaipur
Diyora Lgd Pvt Ltd 3 T05 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Surat
Do IT Ankitst India Private Limited 5 B60 Allied Machinery Mumbai
Do IT Digifabb India Private Limited 5 B66 Allied Machinery Mumbai
DWEEP SAGAR JEWELLERS/Bandhel Jewellery Pvt Ltd 5 G51 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Hopur
Ethereal Green Diamond LLP 3 T01 Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Excel Industries 5 F64 Equipment Machinery Mumbai
Excellent Diamond 3 R19 Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Fabyouare Pvt Ltd 2 Y138 Fashion Silver jewellery Jewellery Gurugram
FASHION ZONE 3 U28 Publication Machinery Ghaziabad
Finestar Jewellery & Diamond Pvt Ltd 5 F46 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Fischer Measurement Technologies India Pvt Ltd 5 B72 Technologies Machinery Pune
Fundwisor Financials LLP 3 V34 Allied Machinery Mumbai
Future Gold & Diamond Jewellery Pvt Ltd 5 B10 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
G C Jewellers 5 E46 Antique, Gold Jewellery New Delhi
G M Diamond And Jewels 4 J04 Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
G M Gold 5 A16 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
G R Exports 5 D26 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
G R Exports 4 O20 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Gamma Sales Corporation 5 E66 Display & Packaging Machinery New Delhi
Ganapati Chains And Jewellers 5 B49 Gold Jewellery Ludhiana
Garg Jewellers 5 E26B Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Gemological Science International 3 P20 Service & Others Jewellery Mumbai
Ghanshyam And Sons Jewellers 5 D35 Diamond Polki Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Gia India Laboratory Pvt Ltd 5 G45 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
GLITERATI NEW DELHI 3 W30 Jewellery Event Organiser Machinery New Delhi
Glowel Casttech 5 F66 Equipment Machinery Jaipur
Godrej Boyce Mfg Co Ltd 5 H67 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
Goel Jewellers 5 A08 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
GOLD PRICE TODAY 3 W18 Publication Machinery Indore
Gold Setu Pvt Ltd 3 T34 Allied Machinery Noida
Golden Sparrow India Enterprises 5 G65 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
Golden Touch Artware Pvt Ltd 4 J25 Gold Jewellery Ahmedabad
Gopal Gems 2 N25 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Gordhandas Nandkishore Sarraf & Jewellers 4 O11 Antique / Diamond / Gold Jewellery Jaipur
Govind Impex 5 C36 Diamond Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Goyal Jewellers 5 I45 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Greenlab Diamonds LLP 3 T04 Diamond Jewellery Surat
H B Jewellers 2 Y71 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
H D Gold 5 I38 Fashion Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
H K Jewels Pvt Ltd 5 H04 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
H M Sarafa Bazar India Pvt Ltd 5 D71 Software Machinery Saharanpur
H P Jewels 4 O27 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
H S ANITQUE FURNITURE 3 W28 Equipment Machinery Bangalore
HARI KUNDANAYA JEWELS 3 V26 Gold, Polki Jewellery New Delhi
Hasmukh Jewellers 3 S26 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Heera Jewels And Gems Pvt Ltd 5 C04 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
HEERA ZAVERAAT 2 Y166 Publication Machinery Mumbai
Heyman Enterprise 3 U26 Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Surat
Hinglaj Manufacturing 5 H71 Equipment Machinery Surat
Hissaria Daimonds 5 F10 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Htc Jewellers Pvt Ltd 4 J26B Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Hunnar Gold 4 J30 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
INDIGO PRINTS PVT LTD 2 Y135 Packaging Machinery New Delhi
Infusion Jewels 4 K17 Diamond Gold Jewellery New Delhi
INSPIRE TECHNO INDUSTRIES 5 D67 Equipment Machinery & Tools Machinery Ahmedabad
Instalaxmi Private Limited 2 Y172 Allied Machinery Mumbai
International Gemological Institute (India) Pvt Ltd 3 Q19 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
IRA Corporation 5 G67 Equipment Machinery Mumbai
J K Star Jewels 4 J33 Diamond Jewellery Surat
J N Jewellers 5 E53 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Jagdamba Jewellers 3 Q20 Antique Jewellery Jaipur
Jai Gems & Jewellery 2 Y152 Gemstone Jewellery Jaipur
Jai Maa Brijeshwari Jewellers 4 J19B Gold Jewellery Meerut
Jain Dia Mounts Private Limited 5 H02 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Jain Jewels 5 B42 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Jain Trading Co. 2 Y83 Silver Jewellery New Delhi
Jainco Jewellers 5 D20 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Jainsons Diamond And Mounting 5 I20 Diamond & Mounting Jewellery New Delhi
JAMUNA COMMERCIAL PVT LTD/Panchrattan Jewellers 3 Q17 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Janvi Gems 3 V04 Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Surat
Jay Aar Gold Pvt Ltd 5 A42 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Jewel And Chainz 4 J02 Antique, Gold Chain, Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Jewel N Design 5 D46 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Jewel Veda 5 G34 Diamond, Manufacturing Service Jewellery New Delhi
JEWELLERY BHAVISHYA 2 Y164 Publication Machinery Ghaziabad
JEWELLERY DESIREFULL 3 V27 Publication Machinery New Delhi
JEWELLERY ZONE 3 V28 Publication Machinery KHANNA
Jewels Of Rajputaana 4 L10 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Jhabarmal Ghanshyam Das Jewellers 5 E30 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Jia Diamonds 4 M02 Diamonds Jewellery Chandigarh
Jinaya Jewel Cast LLP 3 P33 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Jinkushal Jewellers 5 I48 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Raipur
Jodhani Brothers 3 P11 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Johari Gems & Tools 5 F67 Allied Machinery Jaipur
JUHO CORPORATION GROUP 3 O34 Fashion Jewellery Jewellery Arakawak
Junagadh Jewellery Pvt Ltd 5 H42 Antique, Diamond, Gold Jewellery Junagadh
K C Jewellers 5 G26 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
K C Jewellers 4 N29 Antique Jewellery New Delhi
K D Jewels Pvt Ltd 3 P10 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
K G Beriwal Jewellers 3 T27A Gold Jewellery New Delhi
K J Gems 4 L29 Gold Jewellery Jaipur
K J JEWELS 3 N30 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
K Nilesh Diamond 3 T20 Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Surat
K Tushar Diam 4 J34 Gold Jewellery Surat
Kalash Gold & Ornaments Pvt Ltd 4 J29 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Kanayya 4 L16 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Kapoor Jewellers 4 M18 Gold Jewellery Amritsar
Kartik Refrigeration 5 F65 Hybrid Chiller Machinery Surat
Katta's Gems And Jewels 2 Y145 Gemstone Jewellery Jaipur
Kenvi Jewels Ltd 5 I29 Gold Jewellery Ahmedabad
Keshava Jewellery House 4 N11B Antique / Diamond / Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Ketan Gold 5 I51 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
KHANDELWAL JEWELS 4 J12 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Khushali Jewells Private Limited 5 D29 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Khushboo Pouch Mfg Co 5 G64 Display & Packaging Machinery Ahmedabad
Kira Diam LLP 3 V10 Diamond, Fashion, White Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Kiyaash 3 R15 Diamond, Gold Jewellery Surat
Koshda Gold Pvt Ltd 5 E19 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mathura
Krishna Gems N Jewels 3 W26 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Krishna Gold 5 C30 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
KRS Gold & Diamond Jewellery Pvt Ltd 5 G16 Gold & Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Kuber Jewellers 5 H30 Gold, Fashion, Electroformed Jewellery New Delhi
Kundan Enterprises 5 E34 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Kundan Hut 5 G47 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Kundan Lal & Sons 4 M14 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Kundankali Jewells Pvt Ltd 2 Y147 Gemstone Jewellery Meerut
L Javerchand Jewellers Pvt Ltd 4 M34 Antique, Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Lokesh Kumar Saraf & Sons Pvt Ltd 3 P21 Antique, Fashion & Gold & Chain Jewellery Jewellery Meerut
LSTAR 3 P12 Diamonds Jewellery Mumbai
M A Gems 3 P19 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
M D Gold 5 G46 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
M G Beads (M G Jaipur) 5 D53 Gemstone Jewellery Jaipur
M K Exports 5 E10 Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
M P Jewellers 5 F20 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Maa Brijeshwari Jewellers 4 J19A Gold Jewellery Meerut
Maa Jewels 2 Y19 Fashion / Silver Silver Jewellery Mumbai
MACRO SOFTWARES 3 U31 Technologies Machinery Meerut
Madhuvan Jewellers 2 Y120 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
Magic Gold 5 E31A Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Magnic Technologies Private Limited 5 C63 Equipment, Machinery Machinery Coimbatore
Maha Luxmi Jewellers 4 O23 Antique Fashion & Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Mahaveer Box Wala 5 G72 Packaging Machinery New Delhi
Mahavir Creation 3 Q16 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Manappuram Jewellers Limited 5 F54 Gold Jewellery Bangalore
Manav Gold 5 E31B Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Mangal Gems Jaipur 3 S29 Gemstone Jewellery Jaipur
Manidhari Diamonds 3 T27B Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Manirathnum Jaipur 2 Y153 Silver Jewellery Jaipur
Manjusha Jewels Industry India Pvt Ltd 5 G19 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Manmohan Exports 2 Y106 Silver Jewellery Jaipur
Mannat Silver 2 Y142 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
Mansi Diam 3 T30 Diamond Gold Jewellery Jewellery Surat
MARKET DHOOM 3 U27 Publication Machinery Modinagar
Master Chain Pvt Ltd 5 A04 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Maya Jewellery Box 5 G60 Packaging Machinery New Delhi
Mdp Chains LLP 5 G53 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
MECS TECH 5 H63 Allied Machinery Navi Mumbai
Meena Jewellers 2 Y96 Antique & Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Meera Jewellers 5 D30 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Mehta Mody & Co 3 T26 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Meraya 3 W10 Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Surat
Merrigold Jewellers 4 O28 Gold Jewellery Amritsar
Meruliya Jewels 3 Q34 Gold, Mounting Jewellery Surat
Microanalytik Instruments Private Limited 5 B64 Equipment Machinery Mumbai
Micromac Industries Pvt Ltd 5 H68 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
Mikala Design 5 H52 Fashion & Gemsets Jewellery Jaipur
Milano Gem & Jewellery 3 Q11 Gold Jewellery Jaipur
Minalaxmi Exim 5 C48 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Mira Gems 3 S24 Diamond Jewellery Surat
MMI SOFTWARES PVT LTD 2 Y170 Silver Machinery Mathura
Mmk Enterprises 4 P32 Antique, Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
MMTC - Pamp India Private Limited 5 F68 Equipment Machinery Gurugram
Modern Business Equipments & Services Pvt Ltd 5 E60 Equipment Machinery Mohali
Mohit Jewels 4 N11A Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Moksh Ornaments Ltd 3 T28 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Monica By Dhamani Impex Pvt Ltd 5 B50 Diamond, Gold, Gemstone Jewellery Jaipur
Moon 7 Silver Hub 2 Y44 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
Mor Gold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. 5 H37 Gold & Antique Jewellery Mumbai
Mukesh Chandra & Sons 4 L26B Gold Jewellery Kanpur
N J Arts 4 N33 Gold Jewellery Rajkot
N K Industries 5 B68 Equipment, Tool Machinery Ahmedabad
N K Malvi Industries 5 C67 Equipment, Tool Machinery Ahmedabad
N L Jewel 3 D47 Diamond / Gold Jewellery Jewellery Jalandhar
N S Exports 3 V17 Gold & Antique Jewellery New Delhi
N V Jewellery House 5 H19 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Nandlal D Sons Jewellers 4 N24A White Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Naresh Handicrafts 2 Y146 Silver Jewellery New Delhi
Narola Diamonds Pvt Ltd 4 O09 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Nathilal Ashok Kumar Jewellers 4 O04A Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Nawal Alankar Bhandar 5 F52 Antique, Gold Chain, Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Neel Madhav Diamonds 4 M20 Gold & Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Neeru Jewels 5 C16 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Neo Instrument Co. 5 G59 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
Nidhi Diamond 5 E45 Diamond Jewellery Surat
Nishal Gems 3 V15 Fancy Colored & Diamond Jewellery Jewellery Surat
Om Jewels 5 C26 Antique, Diamond, Gold Jewellery Patiala
Omio Technologies 5 D59 Machinery Nabha
Omunim Software Private Limited 3 S23 Technologies Jewellery Pune
ONS DIAMONDS 3 R17 Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Ornament Creations 2 Y165 Silver Jewellery Mumbai
P D And Company 3 T22 Fashion & Gemstone Jewellery Jaipur
P RAJESH AND CO 3 S28 Loose Natural Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
P&G Impex 5 C64 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
Padmaja Jewels 4 J18 Antique Jewellery New Delhi
Paladiya Brothers & Co 5 G54 White Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
PANCHHI WORLD 2 Y173 Equipment Machinery Mathura
Param Sneh Jewellers India Pvt Ltd 5 G04 Gold Jewellery Meerut
PARAS ORNAMENTS PVT LTD 2 Y11 Silver Jewellery Agra
Parishi Diamond Pvt Ltd 5 H51 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Patil & Sons Jewellers 2 Y171 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
PAWAN & CO 2 Y107 Silver Jewellery Jaipur
Piara Singh & Sons 4 K27 Gold Jewellery Amritsar
Piercing Systems India Pvt Ltd 5 C72 Equipment Machinery Mumbai
Pisces Jewels 3 Q26 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Plata Zone 3 W14 Silver Jewellery Jewellery Chennai
PLK Silver Palace 2 Y75 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
Pooja Gold And Diamond 4 J15 Gold & Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Pradeep Casting House Limited 4 N14 Gold & Chain Jewellery Jalandhar
Pranda Jewellery Pvt Ltd 5 G08 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Pra-Tech Enterprise 5 D61 Alloys, equipment Machinery Surat
Princem Ornaments Private Limited 2 Y87 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
PT 950 World Of Platinum 5 I36 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Puran Ornaments 2 Y23 Silver Jewellery New Delhi
Pure Lab Daimonds 3 S08 Gold Jewellery Surat
Purebon Diamond LLP 3 U15 Diamond Jewellery Surat
Quality Box Emporium 5 H60 Display & Packaging Machinery Mathura
Quantum Equipment Co Pvt Ltd 5 F63 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
R B Chains 2 Y108 Silver Jewellery Agra
R J Jewellers 4 O13 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Jaipur
R R Impex 5 C62 Allied Machinery New Delhi
R S EXPORTS 2 Y149 Silver Jewellery Jaipur
R S Gold 5 F42 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
R.jainav & Co 3 H54 Gold Jewellery Surat
Rachana Enterprises 2 Y79 Gemstone Jewellery Jaiipur
Radharani Gold Pvt Ltd 5 H26 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Radhey Govind Exports 3 N15 Gold Jewellery Surat
Radiant Cash Management Services Ltd 5 G66 Logistic Services Machinery Chennai
Raj Jewellers 4 M04 Gold & Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Raj Kumar Jewellers 3 R28 Gold, Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
Rajdhani Overseas 2 Y102 Gemstone Jewellery Jaipur
Rajesh Enterprises (RAJESH INDIA MFG. PVT LTD.) 5 D65 Equipments Machinery Machinery Mumbai
Ram Ban Jewellers Pvt Ltd 4 N28 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Rama Interiors 1 G63 Interiors Machinery New Delhi
Rambalraam Chains Pvt Ltd 2 Y119 Silver Jewellery Jewellery Agra
Rank International 5 F60 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
Rankawat Jewells 5 I10 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Rapaport India Pvt Ltd 1 H53 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Ravi Jewellers Pvt Ltd 4 N26 Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Ravi Kumar Agarwal Jewellers 5 E52 Diamond Jewellery Bareilly
Razzmatazz Design Pvt Ltd 2 Y144 Gemstone Jewellery Gurugram
Reese Silver Pvt Ltd 2 Y05 Silver Jewellery Agra
RIDDHIMA CHAIN & JEWELLERY 5 I33 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Riddhima Chain & Jewellery LLP 5 B04 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Ridhi Sidhi Gems & Jewellery 2 Y93 Gemstone Jewellery Jaipur
RM Precious Jewellery India Limited 5 H10 Gold Jewellery Rajkot
Rohtak Chain & Jewellery Private Limited 5 F04 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Roseeta Diamond Jewellery Pvt Ltd 4 M33 Gold & White Jewellery Surat
Royal Chain Pvt Ltd 5 K10 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Royal Diamond 5 D48 Antique Jewellery New Delhi
Royal Jewellers 5 H20 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Royal Jewellers 4 M08 Antique Jewellery Amritsar
Rushabh Jewels 2 Y31 Silver Jewellery Bangalore
S A Diamonds 5 E20 Diamond Jewellery Amritsar
S B Jewellers 3 P08A Gold Jewellery New Delhi
S G Creations 2 Y103 Silver Jewellery Jewellery Jaipur
S Jindal Gems India LLP 5 F53 Gemstone Jewellery Jaipur
S K Chains Pvt Ltd 3 K12 Gold Jewellery Kolkata
S K Gold 5 H48 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
S K Jora Jewellers 5 A20 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
S L Gold 5 D36 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
S N Refinery 5 C65 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
S P Shah & Sons Jewellers 5 C54 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
S Padmavati Exports 4 O19 White Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
S R Jewellers 5 I42 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
S R Mehta & Sons 5 E63 Equipment Machinery Mumbai
S S Brothers 5 E54 Gemstone Jewellery Jaipur
S S Chains Jewellery Private Limited 5 B29 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
S S Oswal Jewellers 4 O22 Gold Chain, White Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Sangeeta Boochra Jaipur 2 Y97 Gemstone Jewellery Jaipur
Sanghvi & Sons 5 B37 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Sanmati Jewellers 2 Y45 Silver Jewellery New Delhi
Santoshi Gold Pvt Ltd 5 B02 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Sanvi Diamonds 4 O01 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Saraswati Jewellers 2 Y21 Silver Machinery New Delhi
Sarthak Diamonds 5 H50 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Sarto Electro Equipment Pvt Ltd 5 H70 Equipment Machinery Mumbai
Sarvasva Jewel 3 T16 Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Surat
Satguru Diamonds 5 G15 Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Satyam Gold 5 B46 Antique / Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Saurabh Chains & Jewellers 5 C20B Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Sedin Technologies Private Limited/Coderapper 2 Y175 Technologies Machinery Chennai
Sejal Jewellery 5 F16 Gold & Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Sejal Scales 5 F72 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
Seraki Gold LLP 5 F15B Antique / Gold Jewellery New Delhi
SGL Labs Pvt Ltd 4 N18 Diamond, Gemstone, Certfication Lab Jewellery New Delhi
Shah Brothers Diamonds Pvt Ltd 4 O17 Gemstone Jewellery Mumbai
Shakti Gold 5 B54A Antique Fashion & Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Sham Sunder Mehra Jewellers 5 H33 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Shashvat Jewels Pvt Ltd 3 S04 Gold & Diamond Jewellery Surat
Shine Jewels 3 P08B Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Shine Jewels 5 G48 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Shiva Gems And Jewels 4 N23 Diamond / Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Shiva Jewellers 5 I54 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Shivam Jewellers 2 Q25 Gold Jewellery Meerut
Shivam Jewels And Arts LLP 4 L21 Antique, Emerald Gemset Jewellery Jaipur
Shivam Sales 5 H72 Equipment Machinery Ahmedabad
Shre Sky Ornaments 5 I53 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Shree Ambey Jewel Palace 3 P09 Gold Jewellery Meerut
Shree Balaji Gold 4 L20 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
SHREE BHAIRAV JEWELLERS 2 Y143 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Nathwara
Shree Creation 2 Y131 Gemstone Jewellery Mumbai
Shree Darshan Jewellers 5 B56 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Shree Diam 5 F15A Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Shree Ganesh Gold 3 P02 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Shree Mangal Abhushan Pvt Ltd 5 C31 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Shree Nakoda Creation 5 B52 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Shree Raj Jewellers 5 I16 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Shree Ram Jewellers 5 E42 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Shree Ramdhari Jewellers 5 B26 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Shree Ramdoot Gems LLP 3 S17 Diamond & Fancy Jewellery Mumbai
Shree Rapid Technologies 5 D63 Technologies Machinery Mumbai
Shree Trading Co. 2 Y39 Gemstone Silver Jewellery New Delhi
SHREYSHREE JEWELLERS PVT LTD 5 C42 Antique, Gold Chain , Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Shri Mevanagar Sales Pvt Ltd 2 Y03 Gemstone Jewellery Mumbai
Shri Raghav Jewellers 5 B16 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Shri Ram Ornaments 2 Y104 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
Shriram Jewels 4 O12 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Shubh Art Jewellery India Pvt Ltd 5 F34 Gold Jewellery Ahmedabad
Shubh Jewellery India LLP 4 J17 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Shubhan Jewels 4 L28 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Sikkawala India Pvt Ltd 2 Y161 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
Silver Empire 2 Y61 Gemstone Jewellery Bangalore
SILVER SOURCE 2 Y101 Silver Jewellery Jaipur
Sishu International Pvt Ltd 3 U18 Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Siya Ram Jewells 5 C20A Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Sky Chains And Jewellery Pvt Ltd 4 M17 Gold Chain & Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Sky Jewels 3 O10 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Sneh Jewels 1 C41 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Solanki Jewellers 4 L17 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Solidium Metals Pvt Ltd 3 P29 Antique / Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Sonani Industries Pvt Ltd 3 S16 Diamond, Gold Jewellery Surat
Soni Shailesh Nanalal Jewellers Pvt Ltd 3 N04 Antique Jewellery Ahmedabad
Sonic Jewellers Limited 5 H45 Gold Jewellery Rajkot
Spark Elite Pvt Ltd 5 E61 Equipment Machinery New Delhi
Spectrovision Instruments Pvt Ltd 5 H65 Equipment Machinery Mumbai
Sri Raghvendra Jewellers 2 Y148 Silver Jewellery Jaipur
SRV Jewellers 3 O18 Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
SStringz Exim Private Limited 3 S19 Silver Jewellery Gurugram
Starlase System Pvt Ltd 5 E64 Laser Hallmarking, Welding & Cuttung Machinery Ahmedabad
STUDIOS99 ENTERPRISE 4 N34 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Suhagan Jewels 4 K33 Antique & Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Sumeet Jewellers 4 N08 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Sun Diam 5 E16 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Sunbera India Private Limited 2 Y139 Gemstone Jewellery Mumbai
SUNDARAM CHAINS PVT LTD 5 G35 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Sundaram Jewellers 5 H47 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Super Gold 4 M29 Emerald, Pearl , Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Surana Silver House 2 Y150 Silver Jewellery Mumbai
Suresh Jewellers 4 M30 Kolhapuri Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Sushila Jewels 5 W29 Antique, Diamond, Pearl, Gold Jewellery Jaipur
Swagat Jewellers 5 B54B Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Swarn Shilp Chains & Jewellers Pvt Ltd 5 D04 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Swastik Diamond 4 N24B Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Swastik Silver 2 Y162 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
SWISS ALLOYS 3 U29 Alloys, equipment Machinery Meerut
T C Ornaments Pvt Ltd 5 F26 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
T Gulabchand Jain 2 Y167 Silver / Antique Jewellery Kolhapur
Tapti Jewels 4 L34 Diamond / Gold Jewellery Jewellery Surat
TARANG DIAMOND 5 E29 Light Brown Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
The Bank Street Jewellers 4 L03 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
THE BULLION & JEWELLERS ASSOCIATION 3 Y127 Publication Machinery New Delhi
The Crown Jewels / R Raj Impex 3 R24 Antique, Gold Chain, Jewellery, White diamond Jewellery Mumbai
The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council 1 Y141 Trade Association Jewellery Mumbai
THE NEW JEWELLER 3 W20 Publication Machinery Navi Mumbai
Tirumala Jewels 2 Y94 Silver Silver Jewellery New Delhi
Tirupati Alankar Bhandar 4 N10 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Tridev Jewellers Private Limited 5 B20B Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Triveni Chain Co 5 B20A Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
True Cast Jewellery 5 F48 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
TRUPTI DIAMONDS 4 N12 Diamond Jewellery Thane
Trushna Exim 3 Q10 White Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
UCG Fine Metal LLP 3 V08B Silver Jewellery New Delhi
Unique 925 Silver 2 Y121 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
Unique Antique 5 I04B Antique Jewellery Mumbai
Unique Gems 4 N19 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
V K Jewellers 5 C38 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
V K JEWELS PVT LTD 3 V19 Diamond/ CVD Studed Jewellery Jewellery Rajkot
V S Jewels 5 B34 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
V V Silver 2 Y51 Gemstone Jewellery New Delhi
Vagoni Trade Link 5 H36 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Mumbai
Vaibhav Luxmi 3 P01 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Varda Jewellers 3 Q21 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Vardhman Jewellers 4 L25 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Venus Jewel 4 J09 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Vikas Chain & Jewellery Pvt Ltd 5 E04 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Vimal Diamonds 5 H16 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Virani Impex 5 D16 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Vishwas Gold 4 L11 Bangles Jewellery Mumbai
Voila Diamonds 5 H35 Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Vrindavan 4 J01 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Western Equipments And Allied Pvt Ltd 5 C68 Equipment Machinery Jaiipur
Xazina Diamonds Pvt Ltd 3 Q08 Gold Jewellery Jewellery New Delhi
Y K Jewellers 5 D10B Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Y K Jewels 4 K34 Gold Jewellery New Delhi
Yamuna Diamond Pvt Ltd 5 I19 Diamond Jewellery New Delhi
Yamuna Enterprise 3 R23 Diamond Jewellery Mumbai
Yash Ornaments 2 Y35 Gold Silver Jewellery New Delhi
Yashika Diamonds Private Limited 4 J10 Gold Jewellery Jewellery Noida
Zar Jewels Pvt Ltd 4 J05 Gold Jewellery Mumbai
Zayah Solitaires 3 Q28 Diamond, Gold Jewellery Pilibhit
Zayna Exports 5 F30 Gold Jewellery Amritsar
Zevar The Jewellery World 5 G20 Antique Jewellery Jaipur
Zivar Jewel 5 G33 Gold, Silver Jewellery Mumbai