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The future looks bright for Light weight Jewellery

The future looks bright for Light weight Jewellery

Light weight Jewellery has slowly evolved over the course of time and has become a preferred choice for the millennials. Jewellery E-Connect sat down with Khushboo Ranawat, Director, Swarnshilp Chains and Prerna Khurana, Director Khurana Jewellery House to understand the category and how the demand for the same has been ever increasing.



Through some light on how light weight jewellery came into existence?

Khushboo: Light weight jewellery trends have started in the last 5 years - as gold prices increased and more women are in the corporate fields.

Prerna: Light weight jewellery demand grew with millennials who want practical jewellery to wear every day and nothing too flamboyant.



How has the demand for light weight jewellery evolved over the years?

Khushboo: Demand for light weight jewellery and fancy jewellery (rose gold chains) has increased over the years. Customer demands jewellery easy to wear and durable for workplaces. However, light weight jewellery will never replace traditional yellow gold jewellery. Indian culture is deeply rooted in savings, and investing in gold as an asset (sona suraksha hai, sona hamesha hai)

Prerna: The designing and manufacturing of light jewellery has changed over the years. Like earlier there were only classic designs and now a lot of innovation has taken place in this category jewellery designs, more of it is now of international taste .

What are the reasons for the increase in demand for light weight jewellery post-COVID-19?

Khushboo: The only reason for demand in light weight jewellery is because gold prices have drastically increased.

Prerna: The reasons for increase in demand primarily is that people are not preferring heavy jewellery as there are no elaborate weddings or functions this year. Most of the occasions have been cancelled or postponed, so no requirement of chunky party wear stuff. And if there are some gatherings, they are relatively small. Hence people want something of everyday to invest in. Also due to COVID, people do not want to step out. Hence online buying has been encouraged and online as such we all know only small things are saleable when it comes to jewellery.

How advanced and inventive jewellery making is helping introduce light weight and easy to wear jewellery?

Khushboo: To be a market leader, innovation is must.

Prerna: Micro setting (-2 setting) is very common now and thanks to the innovations and inventions, international finishing and designs are flooding the market. Also, due to rise in gold prices, need for making light weight jewellery has taken a push to make it easily saleable.

What are the latest design trends in light weight jewellery category?

Khushboo: Rose gold chains demand has increased.

Prerna: Latest designs are also inspired by millennials and what they want to wear. Anything from a delicate pandora bracelet, charms, evil eye bracelets, delicate stackable rings to dainty collar or earrings (studs) are very much in demand.

Are there any limitations in light weight jewellery?

Khushboo: Yes, certain designs may not be durable.

Prerna: Not as such but yes, some care is required as the gold used is less and the pieces are quite dainty.

Which are the key markets in India where the demand for light weight jewellery is high? What are the reasons behind the high demand in these markets?

Khushboo: In this COVID-19 situation, every state is affected by partial lockdowns. Hence, I would say sales is more affected by the crisis rather than demand for light weight. In the states where cases are low, there is demand.

Prerna: The demand is more in metros or in cities where most women (who is our end consumer) are working and are professionals as they need more practical, day to day wear stuff and hence their mind set is such.





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