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The Stars of Tomorrow

The Stars of Tomorrow

Every entrepreneur has a particular thought process on the efficient running of a business. In a family run business, when the next generation steps up to take control of the functioning of the business, it is imperative to understand their thought process and ideas with respect to the running of the business. We got in touch with Roshini Prasad, CEO, JKS Jewels Pvt. Ltd. and Manjot Nagi, Operations Director, Nagi Diamond Jewellers and Founder Anjo Jewellery to understand their ideas and thoughts as they make giant strides in their respective businesses.



How has been your experience till now working on your family-run jewellery brand?

Roshini: Working alongside my father in a family-run jewellery brand has been although different but a very informative and a great learning experience. Getting to know the various aspects on how to run a business, facing challenges and learning how to tackle them has proved to be very insightful.

Manjot: My father, Director of Nagi Diamond Jewellers, Amritsar motivated me to observe his day to day operations till I gained interest. Me evolving into the fourth generation of Nagi legacy since 1835 was just not something that came so easy. It is more of a responsibility to takeover 80 years old legacy and continue working for it.

How have you seen your brand evolve over the years?

Roshini: Over the years our brand has evolved drastically, adding on new concepts and product ranges. Taking part in exhibitions nationwide, increasing our market presence, dealing with new clients and evolving with time.

Manjot: Maintaining a brand that has a long history needs experience. I have introduced digitalisations, new trends, recuperated old designs and new innovative ways to attract customers. For me innovation is the key for a successful business. I believe it is so important to show dynamics in your business.

What are the new ideas/initiatives that you wish to introduce in your company? How much has the family been open towards these ideas?

Roshini: My family has been very vocal and accepting of the ideas I would like to introduce into the company. Such as venturing into dealing directly with the buyers/consumers. Increasing our online presence.

Manjot: My family has been very open with my ideas over the business perspective, since the time I’ve been working. From creative designs, website cultivating, brand origins, being present in the events, learning history, not risking to take new steps, they have been very open and supported me all this while. Being an entrepreneur, I have launched my own brand by name of Anjo Jewellery. They believed in my business idea and never overlooked of not being part or showing support to it.

What are the biggest challenges/hurdles you have faced while trying to bring in a change in the organisation?

Roshini: When one has worked so long with certain ideas and has been following them for a certain period of time, it is difficult to bring change. The biggest challenge would be the acceptance of the changes brought into the organization.

Manjot: Biggest challenge faced while bringing all these changes to business were the COVID Pandemic which led the whole economy of India down not only that affected on the demand of jewellery and businesses but also made it difficult to reach out to customers and make them feel safe.

What is your success mantra?

Roshini: Hard work and determination. Believe in yourself.

Manjot: I believe to succeed in any business or work an individual should have the passion towards it. And with having interest and giving your 100%, one has to be equally happy. Thus, happy environment with passion for your work is an ultimate to have positive outlook for life.

Your perfect role-model?

Roshini: My father is my perfect role-model. Being able to achieve so much in such a short amount of time.

Manjot: My role model definitely has to be my father. Since childhood I have seen him so dedicated and passionate about his work. I’m sure not only for the family that he had to run, but also, he was proud of owning a heritage of his father.

What are your aspirations with your brand? Where do you want to take this to in the next 10-15 years?

Roshini: Mostly I would like to take our brand internationally in the next 10-15 years. To have global recognition for our brand and business. To deal with clients from all over the world, by maintaining the standard as our company has done so before.

Manjot: In 10-15 years I see myself as an empowering woman settled with her own brand with demands all over the world and exploring as much as possible.

As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing that you give absolute importance to in your organisation?

Roshini: I believe that customer satisfaction is absolutely important in an organization, if our clients are not happy with our services and products then there is no way we will be able to grow our business and meet their demands.

Manjot: An absolute importance process in an organisation has to be definitely a healthy and respectful environment with open ideas from different mind sets.

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