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Shaping the future of the industry

Shaping the future of the industry

From innovative design making to latest gadget and machinery knowledge, jewellery education institute play a vital role in shaping the next generation of jewellers as well as unveiling and sharpening skills of budding designers and workforce. We got in touch with Ms. Niki Sawansukha, Proprietor, Sawansukha Institute of Gemmology to share insights on the role of such education institutes.

How is SIG shaping the future of the jewellery community in India? What are courses that you offer?

The Jewellery community of India is currently going through some observable changes and this evolution has been in pace for quite some time now, so as an educational institute dedicated to the field, one has to always keep track and evolve accordingly.
Located at the heart of Kolkata, SIG is currently the proud educational home to 30 National Jewellery award winning student designers, and to achieve this has been quite an astonishing journey of more than a decade. SIG is constantly dedicated to train with skill along with knowledge. A realistic approach is very imperative, while developing the skill of a student, he /she has to comprehend the field first. We always try to augment, the basic rendering skills first before jumping into ornamental designs, this promotes original and constructive designs and is a major contribution to the future of jewellery patents of India.
We offer 5 inspirational courses, which is just perfect in sync with the field – Jewellery Designing – Manual and inspirational rendering / Jewellery Designing – Computer Aided designing – constructive and operational rendering / Diamond Grading & assorting – with 100% practical approach / Gemology - Navratna and colored gemstones / Jewellery making – modern and craftsmanship / Gold Smithing – Traditional patterns to keep our heritage alive. So our courses not only train but also help to keep our past and present active.

What is the technical skill sets and practical training that are being imparted as part of education?

Originality and virtual realization, these are the two things that guide, SIG as an institution. Firstly when a person designs something, it is done to make the person understand the design, to process further with it, if the person is unable to picture the design as a final product, it is of no use, so the skill of rendering based on different patterns of jewellery is very important and it has to be fast and with perfection. Secondly it is not just about the realization from look, it has to makeable and budget oriented, if a person has a budget of 1,00,000/- and a designer provides designs of over budget, well you can never make a market like that. So, to understand the demand of the market is very important, that is where our faculties come in the picture, and they are all ex market officials who extended market experience, to train our students.

Has the pandemic affected in any way in decreased number of students’ participation in the courses?

To be honest, the pandemic has affected many parts of the field, and to train students with a practical approach online and maintaining the norms of social distancing is quite a challenge. But we, captained by Mrs. Niki Sawansukha (Principal - SIG) and Mr. Siddharthaa Rupchand Sawansukha (Founder - SIG) have developed ways and also further in progress to develop more ways, to meet this challenge. We are currently training our students online to keep them in touch with the courses, and also planning to start many courses online, not just for fresher’s but also for professional to upgrade their knowledge. We have courses for people who don’t wish to pursue a career in the field but want to gain knowledge. Much to our satisfaction we are having enquiries and people are eager for the field, we just want to deliver it to them with perfection.

What are some of the key trends that you have seen emerging in jewellery making that has resulted in an increase in demand for the same to be taught in your institute to the students?

With the changing valuation of the market and most importantly the increase of value of raw materials people are now inclining towards light weight designer jewellery. Such designs are quite a challenge but it is something that SIG loves to face, to bring something more out from something less or comparatively adequate is something that we teach our students to achieve, it is tough but not impossible. With the increasing application of machine-made jewellery or popularly termed as CAM, SIG has a full proof course designed to train new comers for the field and the changing trends. But we should not forget that handmade jewellery is the pride of the Indian market and that is something we are not willing to remove from the big picture in our coming future. So, we try to inspire the students in both manual designing and making to construct their practical way of approach.

What are the future growth/expansion plans of SIG?

SIG dreams to be the most recognized and best institute of India whenever a person asks for the most practical skill set training module. We have developed over 21 independent courses, where each course looks to meet a certain requirement of the field. We also offer specialized courses which helps to bring out the best from a student. We are also planning to extend our boundaries out of Kolkata and do hope that in the near future SIG will be available in all the major cities of India both offline or online.

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