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6 Steps To A Better Social Media Strategy

6 Steps To A Better Social Media Strategy

The digital age is upon us and brands that are still undecided about using digital channels for awareness and promotion as well as acquiring customers are slowly missing out on a major chunk of customers as well as brand advocates. We help you list down the basic 6 rules for an effective social media planning

Rule 1: Freeze your goals and objectives

A social media campaign with no plan vs a social media plan with a set goal gives a vastly varied rule. For starters, you know what is the main objective behind the social media campaign and what is the goal that you want to achieve with it. Always right it down and keep it in front of you. This would help think and strategize better in order to achieve your target. Give yourself a deadline to meet the target. Always use numbers for targets, for eg. 1000 follower increase in a month or 10,000 followers in 12 months. This helps breaking down your goal in small parts which is far more easily achievable. Always align your social media promotion strategy with your overall marketing strategy. This helps in effective communication with your target audience.

Rule 2: Research and Research Well

The basic thumb rule of winning customers is to understand them. Any social media strategy without the correct knowledge of the target audience will be a waste. Invest time and energy in knowing your audience better. Their preferences, their needs, their likes and dislikes. This not only help communicate better with them but also plan well in advance as per your audience behavior pattern. To understand audiences, collect feedback, participate in discussion where your target audience is present, respond to queries on your page.

Rule 3: Create Content as per the Platform

Every platform requires a specific type of content. For eg. LinkedIn is a professional network more suitable towards B2B business while Instagram is for brands high on visual content. While the world is on Facebook, but Facebook groups can help you well in connecting with the right audience. Create content as per the platform you select.

Rule 4: Keep Sales Pitch for Later

If you are only interested in selling your products then social media is not the ideal platform. Audience on social media value connections and relationship and once you establish that with them, they will buy from you.

Rule 5: Video better than Static

Video content always outperforms static creative. They not only get you more traction but also entice customers to act. Videos that are packaged well with the right product information as well as push customers to ask more about the product will yield in better sales. Use a good mix of live videos and recorded videos.

Rule 6: Run contests, polls and quizzes

Run contests, polls and quizzes online for your audience from time to time. This not only opens up a window of two-way communication but also assist in your brand having a better recall. If running a contest, align your contest with your goal for the campaign.

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